foliage leaf from 2003Welcome to Foliage-Vermont 2020

Updated Wednesday, October 21st, 2020


Final State Foliage Report for the 2020 Season

Even as this last chapter of another spectacular foliage season nears completion, the closing lines are yet to be written. Pockets of splendid color remain, particularly in southern areas of the state, while roadsides and village greens are still punctuated by standout trees in striking hues that beckon passersby to stop and photograph. The spotlight has turned to late-turning species like oak, aspen, birch and tamarack, whose crimsons, coppers and golds are enhanced by the rich bronze of beech trees, which stubbornly hold onto their leaves through winter.

Even as branches are bare in much of the forest, leaves on the ground create mosaics of color underfoot (not to mention prime conditions for jumping in a freshly raked leaf pile). This is also the time of year when the woods open up to the eye again and exploring off trail becomes more inviting. Not only can you enjoy the lingering fall color, but also the many details of the forest that you just can’t see in the thick green of summer. Venture through almost any stretch of Vermont woods this time of year and you’re likely to discover cellar holes, stone walls, or remnants of fences and pasture trees that summon earlier generations who lived on and worked the land. As we part ways with the vibrant color of fall and look forward to snow-covered adventures in winter, savor this special in-between season and explore the woods around you.

Lake Memphremagog, Oct 10th, looking north in Canada . Click here to go full screen and a slide show of the foliage season for 2020

Jeudevine Falls outside Hardwick, VT

A lot of Vermont's traditional peepers have cancelled their planned trips to Vermont because of COVID-19. Vermont is requiring visitors to self quarantine for 14 days if they are from areas or countries where the virus is still prevalent. Having said that, Vermont has been quite busy of late with vistors from areas of the northeast which are not deemed a threat. Real estate sales are going crazy as people from afar seek to find safer living conditions. There is no enforced travel ban to Vermont since states cannot close their borders to other states. But a ban is in effect for non essential travel from and into Canada. The ban is renewed every month and seems likely to remain in place while the pandemic remains a threat.

All foliage festivals and other organized events have been cancelled

Wear a mask and keep your distance from others. It is part of the Governor's Executive order.

Bring your bike and experience the color from a different perspective, or rent a camper truck while getting some exercise in the fresh air. Vermont has the lowest COVID rate in the country.

Here are links to the Vermont Health Department

State map showing where travel restrictions have been relaxed i

Detailed map showing towns where cases have been reported


As to the will occur as it always has, so if you can make it in late September and early October you will see the color. If you are looking for fall festivals, they may not happen. Here is a link to one of the best foliage scenes we have seen in long time - Lake Willoughby in the Fall. This panorama is available as a 14" x 40" framed print or just as a print. If you want to know price and shipping, contact meLake Willoughby at peak fall foliage color

If you want to see a series of panoramas showing how the color unfolds view this series of panoramas from Morgan in the NEK