foliage leaf from 2003Welcome to Foliage-Vermont 2022

Updated September,19th

See our first 360 degree panorama of the 2022 season here
Lake Eden on September 26th


Published on September 28, 2022

Who doesn’t delight in watching a favorite tree’s leaves change each autumn from green to a palette of red, orange, or yellow? This week, we’re watching the process with pleasure and anticipation as color in most parts of the state remains in early stages but beautiful flashes of color emerge statewide. The foliage display is expanding gradually but reliably, most notably in the northeast part of the state and higher elevations along the Green Mountains, manifesting in faded greens and yellows with occasional standout red or orange trees. While entire hillsides haven’t yet begun to change as one colorful canvas, recent sunshine after a stretch of welcome rain is revealing bronze and crimson hues in the canopy. With anticipated cold nights and a mix of sunny days and continued moderate rain in the forecast, we can expect the season to continue on strong, but remember, conditions can change quickly, perhaps even intensifying by the weekend in many places.

Why do leaves change color in fall? This yearly display is the delightful byproduct of deciduous trees preparing for winter, cued by shortening daylength. The green pigment in a tree’s leaves (called chlorophyl) breaks down, exposing yellow pigments (called carotenoids) that have been masked beneath the green in the leaves all along. As the season progresses and fall weather enters the mix, the tree produces red pigments (called anthocyanins) which are thought to protect the leaves from sun and insects during this vulnerable period before the tree drops its leaves and becomes dormant for winter. Finally, the tree forms an abscission layer that creates a wall between the tree and the leaf, making it easy for wind or rain to knock the leaf to the ground. This process plays out over several glorious weeks and here in Vermont, we’re lucky to  enjoy the view.

Recreation Recommendations & Best Bets

An adventure in the Northeast Kingdom or high elevations may provide the most color this week. Consider a paddle on Island Pond or nearby Spectacle Pond and relax at Brighton State Park, or a day hike at Wheeler Mountain in Barton. If you’re in the southern part of the state, enjoy a hike and the stunning views at high-elevation Woodford State Park.

. Commissioner Michael Synder of Forest, Parks, and Recreation, along with his team of foresters throughout the state of Vermont writes this report on a weekly basis to update visitors on the progression of foliage throughout the season. This report is based on scientific data and is provided as a resource as you plan your Vermont vacation. Peak foliage can vary depending on weather conditions.


Foliage color display in view from Prospect Rock

Echo Lake overview, October 10th, 2021


Foliage Festivals

Some fall festivals are on again after being cancelled throughout Vermont last year. Check out the foliage events pages for the latest updagtes on cancellations and postponements...updated September 12th 2021

Lake Memphremagog, Oct 10th, looking north in Canada . Click here to

go full screen and a slide show of the foliage

Lake Willoughby at peak fall foliage color

As to the will occur as it always has, so if you can make it in late September and early October you will see the color. Here is a link to one of the best foliage scenes we have seen in long time - Lake Willoughby in the Fall. This panorama is available as a 14" x 40" framed print or just as a print. If you want to know price and shipping, contact me

If you want to see a series of panoramas showing how the color unfolds view this series of panoramas from Morgan in the NEK