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Posted recently on the Vermont Foliage Forum by Ctyanky- Board Administrator:

Hello foliage friends! We are now just two months away from the first day of autumn in Vermont! It's crazy how the summer is flying by with August just around the bend. I'm looking forward to saying, "I'm leaving for my Vermont foliage vacation next month!!!!"  I actually started bringing down my luggage and amassing some maps and lists of things to do as well as piling up some warm clothes. One never knows what the weather will be up there. At times, I've been in shorts and other times bundled up in leggings and a winter jacket, earmuffs and gloves (especially at the tops of the mountains after my foliage lift rides). Don't forget to bring a hat and gloves and outerwear if you plan on taking any of the foliage rides to the summits as you can't predict the weather up there with the wind and sudden temperature changes. Layering always a good idea! I remember one year I stayed at Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester, and found all my soda and water and various items frozen in the trunk of my car. A couple of years ago, it was like summer up there. So my message is: be prepared for all sorts of weather....More