foliage leaf from 2003Welcome to Foliage-Vermont 2018. Reports start in early September


Posted recently on the Vermont Foliage Forum by Ctyanky- Board Administrator:

Hello friends! With all the rain we have been receiving over the last few weeks, the trees are looking mighty fine! Lush and healthy with dense canopies. I see no leaf drop due to the heat. 

Here in northern CT there are signs of the coming fall. Many trees are losing their bright green color and leaves are starting to dull. Here and there, some branches are showing more loss of chlorophyll than others, and even a slight hint of red in places. This is the normal pattern in early August, but I must say, the trees are not stressed even with the heat we have been suffering with in the northeast. Also, with daylight hours shortening, this also adds to signs of the approaching autumn season.

If you keep your eyes peeled upwards you will soon start to see these changes appearing almost overnight. Coming home from work today, I saw a full branch in early red color. I just couldn't help but smile. It really put a nice touch to the end of the work week!